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District Technologies
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We worked with District as their exclusive partner to design their app product & landing page. District is a world-first concept and provided a huge design challenge to ensure the unique experience was simple and could be picked up by anyone, anywhere in the globe, and enjoyed. No brainer.

We are proud to say the product has been used by:

Spartan Race
AIA Vitality
Thailand Tri League
Amazing Thailand
Rise Against Hunger

Prior to our work, District had developed a basic concept and had been experimenting with mass-events where runners would explore cities like Singapore & Hong Kong. Runners could run individually or in teams.

The basic concept was that runners were released from a launch zone and travelled across the city, collecting as many checkpoints as possible in a two-hour time limit.

Singapore 2019
SG 2019

We attended their 2019 Singapore event, as seen below, in order to see and feel the app experience within this unique concept.


The initial concept was unique, interesting, and attracting thousands of runners to their live events. However, continued use of the app was almost non-existent. District struggled to turn their hyped mass-events into an experience that a runner would pick up on the everyday.

Further to that, checkpoints and challenges were only availble in limited cities, added manually, and proved to be a major stumbling block to the scalability of the app.

We quickly realised that the core concept behind the app was the idea of running for exploration.

See it explored below.


We also simplified the experience, a lot. And focused energy on making it clear to users, fast. Why? Because the District experience is like nothing runners would have experienced.

Runners race to the top of their country by collecting points within the app. Each explorer progresses through levels as they push their limits.

District App

District App

Imagine collecting checkpoints, completing challenges & competing against your friends in real-time, anywhere in the globe. We re-designed district to allow anyone in the world to pick up their phone, explore their city and collect checkpoints & challenges.


We focused effort, attention and detail on the in-game experience. Simplifying checkpoint types, communicating them clearly, and engaging users with exciting sounds, animation and haptics. We designed three unique checkpoints: standard, power up points boosts and physical challenges.


As apps grow in complexity, developers can often get lost in the details and miss the big-picture experience intended. In order to communicate the app clearly, we designed every screen, and then every state, and finally comined them into a flow diagram seen below. The purpose of this was to give a birds eye view of the app to any stakeholder in a glance.

District App

The final stage in the project was a design and rollout of the app landing page. Our intention was clear - match the tone, style and excitement of the app experience within a landing page.